It’s not always easy being green! Learning to live green is a life style, and it is not always easy on a student’s budget. Many events that already take place in your everyday life can be tweaked to help save our planet! Going green can consist of eating healthier, remembering to recycle, sharing items with your friends instead of buying new items, and etc.

You are the future of the world and it is your responsibility to take care of it now.

Start shopping at resale stores, you can find great name brands for fractions of the cost. In the end, this will save thousands of garments from ending up in the landfills. Another easy way to go green is by using eco-friendly hair and styling products. These natural products do not contain harsh chemicals but still have the same great smell. Nowadays, so many school supplies are made eco-friendly. So, when it is time to go school supply shopping look for products that have been recycled- pens, paper, backpacks, etc. As you can see these are all simple ways to live green without spending a fortune. Maybe it is easy being green!