iSave has its benefits, such as:

    • Get your very own debit card with a parent signature
    • Get your very own Visa Credit Card ($300 limit must be at least 18 years old to qualify)
    • Receive a 1% off loan rate on your FIRST loan
    • Scholarships
    • Exclusive offers
    • Free checks
    • And much more!
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Preparing for your own future can be empowering. One of the best reasons for you as a teenager to help save for your college education, is because it will encourage you to make the most of the opportunity. Students who help pay for college expenses are more invested in the process, tend to make better grades and value the experience more. College is expensive and the price increases every year. If you start saving now, you will have less to worry about in the future. Ask a parent or guardian if they will match up to a certain amount of your savings. For example, maybe they would give you $50 for every $250 you put into a savings account towards school. Not only will you be getting FREE money, you will reach your goal even faster.

A few tips to helping you save more money:

      • Save before spending. This means take what you want to save out immediately before spending any of the money. It is best to decide what percentage you will save and what you will spend. Then go ahead and put away what you plan to save, so you won’t spend it.
      • Don’t carry large amounts of cash. If you do not carry enough cash on you to buy that cool new hat or trendy new purse, you will be less likely to waste money on items you may not necessarily need. If you wait a week or two before making a large purchase, you might realize the item is not that important to have.
      • Only spend dollar bills. This way, you can put all your loose change in a jar or piggy bank for savings.
      • Get into a routine. You can always start small and increase your savings over time. Just remember, every time you get money… simply put some away.
Get a part time job and put every penny in a savings account. Save part or all of the cash you receive for birthdays or Christmas. Do extra chores around the house or help neighbors with odd jobs. All of these activities equal cash opportunities for you. You can have that savings account filled up and ready to go in no time at all!

What are you saving for?

New Clothes? New Car? College?