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Preparing for Summer

Summertime is around the corner and you are probably starting to think about what you will spend your time doing.  If you are not going to get a summer job, then we have some ideas that might be right up your alley! You can always volunteer at the local animal or homeless shelter, or gather up a few friends and go out for a picnic!  You can always host a movie marathon or a game tournament.  The point is to get creative and make your summer one that is full of fun and activities. Have you ever seen all of the “tourist” attractions in your own city??  If not then you could go around the town pretending to be a tourist and see what new things you can learn about your town! You can star-gaze on a trampoline, from your roof or on a dock!  Create a treasure hunt for someone!  This would be a fun way to kill some time and […]
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What To Do With Gifts You Don’t Want

Are you too nice to tell Aunt Matilda the sweater with little snowmen on it is just not your style? What about telling cousin Jason that why you really liked the DVD boxset of Family Guy, you already own it? We’ve almost all been there. So what do you do? Here are a few ways to get the most out of those non-returnable gifts: 1) Ebay The online auction website is arguably the most popular site for people to sell their unwanted things to others around the world. If you take this route, just be warned…you won’t be the only one trying to make a few bucks this time of season. It might be a good idea to hold off for a month or two and get a better selling price. (Ebay.com) 2) Craigslist Yet another popular site for people around the world to post classified ads. The bonus is the ability to sell locally, while the downside is the increasing amount of scams and […]
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This Just In! Wireless Brain!

A system that turns brain waves into FM radio signals and decodes them as sound is the first totally wireless brain-computer interface. For now, 26-year-old Erik Ramsey, left almost entirely paralyzed by a horrific car accident 10 years ago, can only express vowel sounds with the system. That’s less than can be accomplished with wired brain-computer interfaces. But it’s still a promising step. “All the groups working on BCIs are working toward wireless solutions. They are very superior,” said Frank Guenther a Boston University cognitive scientist who helped developed Ramsey’s system. In the last decade, brain-computer interfaces, or BCIs, have made the jump from speculation to preliminary medical reality. Since Wired reported on quadriplegic BCI pioneer Matthew Nagle four years ago (”He’s playing Pong with his thoughts alone“), the interfaces have been used to steer wheelchairs, send text messages and even to Tweet. They’re so advanced that some researchers now worry about BCI ethics — what happens when healthy people get […]